What is a Credit Score?

A credit score depicts your creditworthiness. You may get credit score from 300-850 on the basis of credit history, number of open accounts, repayment history, & other factors. If you have a higher credit score then lenders will evaluate you as a responsible debtor & like to give you loan at a lower interest-rate. Overall, your credit score predicts the possibility of your loan repayment on time.

What affects your Credit Score?

​​​We will help you to dispute negative items in
​your payment history.

In addition to starting the credit dispute process with you, what can I do to help raise my credit score?

Follow these tips to raise your credit score:

Check your credit report at least once a year.

Pay your bills on time.

Don’t delay in paying mortgage loan & utility bills.

Manage your credit-utilization ration by 30%.a

Use secured & multiple credit cards.

Leave your credit card in the safe locker or drawer at home.

Try to make your credit report error-free.

Above steps can make help you to raise or maintain your good credit score. Also there is the best way that can help you in one-way is to contact SoCal Credit Repairs that offers you the top credit repair services at an affordable price.

​​How long will certain items remain on my credit file?

Here is the list of how long negative items stay in your credit report:

What is not included in your credit report?

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